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New Hyperacute Stroke Care Recommendations and Other Updates

Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations has released a new module on Hyperacute Stroke Care and updates to Mood, Cognition and Fatigue Module.

Hyperacute Stroke Care: This module includes the new set of recommendations for endovascular treatment, including criteria for hospitals delivering endovascular care and patient eligibility.

Mood, Cognition and Fatigue: This updated module provides a comprehensive summary of current evidence-based recommendations for health care providers across the continuum. Updates include:

  • Recommendations on the timing of screening for depression and VCI;
  • Literature which suggests that prophylactic antidepressant medication can be effective in some stroke patients;
  • Comparison table of selected antidepressants for management of post-stroke depression;
  • Information on cognitive rehabilitation strategies for patients with vascular cognitive impairment;
  • Comparison table of assessment tools for screening for vascular cognitive impairment; and
  • Addition of post-stroke fatigue recommendations (previously included in Transitions of Care following Stroke module).

For more information, please go to the following link: Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations.


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