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Change Leadership at Work within the Toronto Stroke Networks

The Patient Experience Learning and Implementation Team has made considerable strides over the past 6 years to promote seamless, hopeful care and improve the lives of people with stroke and their families. Since beginning our work in Transition Improvement for Continuity of Care (TICC), our team – comprised of leaders and front line health care providers from across the Toronto Stroke Networks and across the continuum – has come together regularly to apply a Change Leadership lens to the challenges that arise in this complex population.

On June 9, 2016, Cate Creede joined our team to engage us in reflection on our journey and accomplishments, to build on our skills as change leaders, and to guide us as we rolled up our sleeves to begin our new work of increasing flexibility in the system and of enhancing relationships between health care providers and with people with stroke, across the continuum of care. This highly skilled team of change leaders left our afternoon together, energized for our collaborative work ahead, and capable to affect change at our local levels, to continue to promote optimistic and seamless care.

pic of LIT June 9 event

Welcoming the Patient Experience Learning and Implementation Team for another afternoon of collaboration.

pic of Cate at event

Cate Creede setting the stage of change leadership principles.

fishbowl at June 9 event

Reflecting on our work since 2009.

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