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Heart & Stroke’s Annual BIG BIKE Event

To raise funds for  Heart & Stroke research and care, various teams across Canada participated in the annual Heart & Stroke BIG BIKE event.

To celebrate their success, below are some pictures from the Toronto Western Hospital’s Neurovascular team, North York General Hospital’s Stroke Unit team, and Sunnybrook Health Science Centre’s Stroke Unit team.

On June 11th , Team Captain Tim Stewart and the Toronto Western Hospital’s Neurovacular Team, also known as “The Clotbusters”, raised over $5100.









On June 19th, Team Captain Teresa Carley and the North York General Hospital’s Stroke Unit Team also rode the BIG BIKE for Heart & Stroke research and care and raised $3005.

Last but not least, on July 5th, Team Captain Leon Latty and the “Sunnybrook Super Stroke Team” also participated in this event and raised $2810.

Congratulations to you all for participating in this year’s BIG BIKE event !!! 



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