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My Guide for Stroke Recovery is now available!

Toronto Stroke Networks’ My Guide for Stroke Recovery (MGSR), previously known as My Stroke Passport, has been refined to:

  • serve as a patient-mediated education tool
  • empower persons with stroke and their family/caregivers to learn about stroke and what it means for them
  • allow health care providers to better support persons with stroke and/or caregivers to take an active role in their care and recovery.

By introducing and supporting the use of MGSR, health care providers will be able to deliver patient-centred care while enabling persons with stroke to learn to manage their own care. The goal is for MGSR to become a standard resource used by all providers caring for individuals with stroke in Toronto.

For a general overview of MGSR and the resources that will be available to support its implementation, please click on the following link:  My Guide for Stroke Recovery Communiqué.

For a copy of My Guide for Stroke Recovery, please click here.



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Signs of a Stroke

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