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The SickKids Stroke Program

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach: The SickKids Stroke Program has evolved since its establishment in 1994, and now consists of an acute inpatient program, weekly stroke prevention clinic, and an outcomes research program. The team has expanded to include three neurologists, two clinical/research fellows, a neuropsychologist, a staff nurse, an advanced practice nurse, and a research team. Through the Neurology Department, patients also have access to inpatient rehabilitation services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy), and social work services. The formation of additional partnerships with paediatric sub-specialists including a neurosurgeon, neurointerventional radiologist, neuroradiologists, haematologists, rheumatologists and an adult regional stroke centre has further strengthened the ability of the Stroke Program to enable earlier identification of paediatric stroke through the establishment of urgent neuroimaging protocols, hyper-acute and acute medical therapies.

Signs of a Stroke

If you experience any of the following signs dial 911 immediately.Read More