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The Toronto Stroke Networks New Logo

“Our Logo Story”

The Toronto Stroke Networks are excited to introduce our new logo. It reflects the alignment of efforts of three distinct Stroke Networks and symbolizes our commitment to a common vision and goal for stroke care and recovery in Toronto.

Through activity that spans the entire healthcare continuum (prevention, intervention, recovery and health) we strive to achieve a seamless care experience for patients and families with stroke.

Our logo was developed to reflect core intentions and roles as identified by Network members:

Leadership –To serve as champions for change to enable excellence in stroke care.

Collaboration –To co-create with our multiple partners our desired system of stroke

Innovation – To seek and generate new solutions to support efficient and quality patient-centred care.

Our logo embodies our collective purpose and our united efforts to accelerate achievement of ‘excellent stroke care for all’ in Toronto.

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Signs of a Stroke

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