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Toronto Stroke Networks Annual Activity Report for 2013-14

This document highlights the achievements of the Toronto Stroke Networks (TSNs) over the past fiscal year. The TSNs include the North & East GTA, South East Toronto and the Toronto West stroke regions and each consists of partnership health care organizations representing the care continuum. The TSNs share the mandate of stroke system improvement and integration through best practice and have formalized commitment to collaborate on achieving this obligation through a shared strategic and operational plan. The TSNs Steering Committee serves as the governing body, providing strategic stewardship of resource investment toward system improvement.

Key priorities for the year focused on: enhancing the leadership and credible voice of the TSNs; facilitating practice change to elevate the quality of care within our system; and establishing mechanisms to ensure data is available and utilized to monitor and inform our improvement efforts. As a result of the willingness of many stakeholders to find creative solutions together, system wide issues of: access, quality of care, accountability, resource utilization and patient experience have begun to be addressed.

Through these successes the TSNs have demonstrated leadership in the implementation of best practices that align with the provincial Quality Based Procedures (QBPs) for Stroke. As the QBP activity continues we look forward to building on this successful foundation and working with continuum partners to realize the full benefits of integrated stroke care. Many of the initiatives will be expanded or continued into 14-15.
For a copy of the full report, please click on the following link: Toronto Stroke Networks Annual Activity Report 2013-2014.

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