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Toronto Stroke Networks’ Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP)

Our interactive website continues to provide access to stroke related networking opportunities and resources to enhance individual practices and improve stroke care.

Thank-you for your interest in joining the Toronto Stroke Networks’ Virtual Community of Practice!

The Toronto Stroke Networks’ Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) is a web-based platform for healthcare providers and stroke care stakeholders to share resources and insights with each other to promote best practices. This document provides a brief orientation to get you set up on the VCoP and helpful tips on how to make the most of your membership.

STEP 1: Apply for a VCoP Membership

The VCoP is a members-only site, specifically for use by healthcare providers, researchers, and community stakeholders. The VCoP is not for use by stroke survivors, family members, or the general public. To ensure privacy and confidentiality for our members, we individually review all membership applications before allowing individuals to join the VCoP.


To start your membership application, click the “BECOME A MEMBER” button on our home page. You will be directed to a form to fill out with your information. When completing your profile, please keep in mind:

  • Choose a username that others can easily identify you by (e.g. your email login name).
  • You should use your work email, but prepare to update it if you become employed by a different organization. You can also use a personal email that you regularly check, but keep in mind that others may use the e-mail you provided to contact you about work-related matters.
  • Use you preferred name for your first name as most people will identify you with this name. This field should be free of honorifics and titles. (e.g. Dr. Janet “Jane” Doe would yield “Jane” as your first name.)
  • If you choose to upload a profile picture, please keep it professional


The following page is what you will see when you are directed to set up a user account:

If you encounter a problem or require assistance in filling out this registration form, please contact the VCoP Facilitator (Brianna Iannazzo, ac.koorbynnusnull@ozzannai.annairb) for technical support.

Once you submit your membership application, our VCoP Facilitator will review and approve your membership request if appropriate. Membership applications are typically reviewed within 48 hours of submission.

Make sure you subscribe here to receive the VCoP Weekly Email Update to keep up to date with new events, research, and discussions sent to your inbox every Friday morning!

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