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Toronto Stroke Networks Updates

Below is a listing of current news items.  For previously posted items, please refer to the Archived Posts page.

Heart & Stroke’s Annual BIG BIKE Event

To raise funds for  Heart & Stroke research and care, various teams across Canada participated in the annual Heart & Stroke BIG BIKE event.

To celebrate their success, below are some pictures from the Toronto Western Hospital’s Neurovascular team, North York General Hospital’s Stroke Unit team, and Sunnybrook Health Science Centre’s Stroke Unit team.

On June 11th , Team Captain Tim Stewart and the Toronto Western Hospital’s Neurovacular Team, also known as “The Clotbusters”, raised over $5100.









On June 19th, Team Captain Teresa Carley and the North York General Hospital’s Stroke Unit Team also rode the BIG BIKE for Heart & Stroke research and care and raised $3005.

Last but not least, on July 5th, Team Captain Leon Latty and the “Sunnybrook Super Stroke Team” also participated in this event and raised $2810.

Congratulations to you all for participating in this year’s BIG BIKE event !!! 



June is Stroke Month at St Michael’s Hospital


Dr Charles Kassardjian, Staff Neurologist, kicked off June is Stroke Month at St Michael’s Hospital. His presentation titled “Quality Improvement Efforts for Stroke at St Michael’s Hospital” demonstrated the ongoing efforts the hospital is undertaking to continue to provide excellence in stroke management and care.

Amin Mali, a person with stroke and a Peers Fostering Hope volunteer presented to hospital staff. His talk titled, “The Road Not Taken”, described his stroke journey, how he relied on hope and persistence to recover, and the incredible improvements he has made.


Secondary Stroke Prevention Provincial Workgroup Report and Toolkit is now available

The components of this work include:

1. The Ontario Core Elements outlining the key 15 components of care delivery for Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinics and/or its equivalent.

2. Implementation Tool Kit which includes strategies and tools that align with each of the core elements  to assist organizations with the prioritization and implementation of best practices.

3. Proposed Evaluation Minimum Data Set aligned with the Ontario Core Elements.


To access the Report and Toolkit, click Here.  For more information please contact your Regional or District Stroke Coordinator.

Using Stroke Care Observerships to Support Patient Flow and Transitions

On November 27, 2018, St. John’s Rehab inpatient stroke rehab team and Humber River Hospital acute stroke team participated in a Stroke Care Observership (SCO) at Humber River Hospital.

The aim of this SCO was to further build relationships and collaborative partnerships between the two teams to support stroke patient flow, transitions, and communication between both teams.  Both teams found the SCO experience very valuable, and plan to continue to keep open communications to further support patient flow and seamless transitions.

On behalf of the Toronto Stroke Networks, we thank all staff who participated in this event, with special thanks to the organizers of this event:  Kyle Davies, Alin Khodaverdian, Mila Bishev and Gina Lam.

State of the Union 2018

On November 22, 2018, the North & East GTA and Toronto West Stroke Networks’ Regional Teams hosted a State of the Union event  to celebrate success of our organizations working in stroke care and to launch the new Toronto Stroke Networks Standards of Care resource.  We had a full house, with ninety-five participants, including persons with stroke, caregivers, clinicians, managers, senior leads, physicians, LHIN leads and other system stakeholders from across the continuum of care.  The event was well received with positive feedback from participants.

Below are some photos that were taken from this event.


Signs of a Stroke

If you experience any of the following signs dial 911 immediately.Read More