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Heart & Stroke: Webinar for People with Lived Experience

Date(s) - Tuesday April 7, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  • Dr. Debbie Timpson, Physiatrist, Stroke Rehab Specialist at Pembroke Regional Hospital
  • Jen Bogart, Woman with Lived Stroke Experience, PEI
  • Other Stroke Rehab Experts to be announced…
  • Patrice Lindsay, RN, PhD, Director, Systems Change and Stroke Program, Heart & Stroke
Intended Audience
People with lived experience with stroke and vascular cognitive impairment, including family and care supporters. Heart & Stroke staff, members of the public, health professionals and system leaders may also find this webinar informative and helpful. All are welcome to join.
About this Presentation
Information on COVID-19 is emerging at a very rapid pace and it is generating many appointment disruptions, questions and concerns for people with stroke and vascular cognitive impairment. Inpatient stays are being shortened, both acute care and inpatient rehabilitation. With social distancing and isolation, access to in-person rehabilitation services has become a challenge. People with these conditions who are currently starting, p[art-way through or completing rehabilitation may be trying to cope with access issues and wondering what resources and supports are still available to them to allow continuation of their rehabilitation efforts independently. This webinar will offer timely practical guidance by healthcare experts regarding COVID-19, these conditions and rehabilitation.
Key Topics
  • To discuss practical ‘next steps’ to take in determining how to continue rehabilitation and possible transition to virtual rehabilitation during COVID-19.
  • To discuss available rehabilitation resources and self-management techniques that are essential for people with lived experience and care supporters to continue recovery at this time.
  • To acquire practical rehabilitation self-management skills to practice during self-isolation.
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Signs of a Stroke

If you experience any of the following signs dial 911 immediately.Read More