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Stroke Best Practices

Providing evidence-based best practice stroke care is essential in ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.  To provide specialized stroke care, core interprofessional stroke teams should consist of healthcare professionals with stroke expertise.  To support healthcare professionals in their ongoing education and training in stroke a list of evidence-based guidelines and resources are provided in the following sections:

The Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations are a comprehensive set of evidence and clinically-based guidelines that serve as a resource for health care professionals working in practice settings across the care continuum. These recommendations are updated every 2 years to ensure they reflect the most recent scientific evidence and are coordinated with both national and international parallel initiatives. 

Please click below to access the guidelines on the specific topic you need:

As legislated in Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Act, Health Quality Ontario’s mandate includes the provision of objective, evidence-informed advice about health care funding mechanisms, incentives, and opportunities to improve quality and efficiency in the health care system. As part of its Quality-Based Funding initiative, Health Quality Ontario works with multidisciplinary expert advisory panels (composed of leading clinicians, scientists, and administrators) to develop evidence-based practice recommendations and define episodes of care for selected disease areas or procedures. Health Quality Ontario’s recommendations are intended to inform the Ministry of Health’s Health System Funding Strategy.

For more information on Health Quality Ontario’s Quality-Based Funding initiative, visit www.hqontario.ca

Download the QBP Clinical Handbook for Stroke Care: QBP Clinical Handbook for Stroke (Acute and Post-Acute)

As a platform for continuous quality improvement, the Standards of Care (SoC) resource is intended to provide an overview of key stroke best practices and how these practices have been implemented within Toronto.  The vision for Standards of Care is “to be accountable leaders and innovators, continuously creating and achieving shared best practice standards of excellence in stroke care that are accessible across geographical boundaries”.

If you have any questions about the SoC initiative contact us at info@tostroke.com.

To access the Standards of Care, click here.  This requires you to be a member of the TSNs’ Virtual Community of Practice and to be logged in.