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Community Resources

This award-winning website and mobile platform helps connect patients with healthcare services.  This website provides patients with the opportunity to book online appointments and provides real-time wait time information.  To learn more about its features, please click here.


Community Navigation and Access Program to Toronto Seniors Help Line (formerly known as CNAP)

The Community Navigation and Access Program to Toronto Seniors Help Line (previously known as Community Navigation and Access Program or CNAP) is a single point of access to services for seniors in Toronto (seniors are considered 55+ but the program will also serve other adults with disabilities of all ages).  A registered social worker will take the call and determine the agency(ies) that can best offer the services required for individuals needing support.  If consent to be contacted by the suggested agency is provided, the agency will call within 24 hours to discuss details about providing the services.  Please note that some services may have waiting lists and may charge a fee.  OHIP coverage is not required to access this service.

Phone Line: 416-217-2077

For a copy of their Seniors Line brochure, please click here.


Web-Based Resource for Persons with Stroke and Family/Caregivers

Guide for Stroke Recovery Website is a mobile-friendly website that allows persons with stroke and family/caregivers to easily navigate information about common post-stroke topics and find practical strategies, video demonstrations and actionable solutions to common questions or concerns after stroke.  The layout and content of the website were designed to empower a self-management approach and facilitate community re-engagement.   For a general overview of this resource, click on the following link to access the Communiqué:  Web-based version of Guide for Stroke Recovery.


Updated Guide for Stroke Recovery 

This resource has been updated to reflect feedback from stakeholders and persons with stroke and has been translated into various languages.  To access the revised Guide for Stroke Recovery, click one of the links below:

A number of worksheets remain available in Guide for Stroke Recovery to assist persons with stroke to track their progress. Click on any of the following headings below to get extra copies.

For a general overview of this resource, refer to the video below which provides a quick overview of this resource.


Stroke Survivor Groups

Stroke Survivor Groups provide support, education and links to the community for persons with stroke and their families or caregivers. For a listing of support groups, please refer to the March of Dimes Canada website.


Stroke Recovery Canada® Warmline

If you are a stroke survivor, family or caregiver looking for stroke related information and support, you can call the Stroke Recovery Canada® Warmline at 1-888-540-6666.

The Warmline is a confidential, toll-free line for those affected by stroke. This is a non-crisis phone line that connects you to a person who can provide information on resources, support and the opportunity to connect to other stroke survivors and family members.



Toronto Central Healthline Website

The Toronto Central Healthline Website is intended to help individuals find a variety of services to maintain their health, independence and quality of life. This on-line resource was developed to help people navigate the array of community supports and agencies by a search function using one own postal code.  It includes the most up to date information to resources and services within the Toronto and Ontario area.

To learn how to better access services within your area, we invite you to watch this short demonstration video:  The Healthline E-learning Module.




Signs of a Stroke

If you experience any of the following signs dial 911 immediately.Read More