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About Us

As part of the eleven regions within a broader coordinated provincial stroke system (Ontario Stroke System), there are 3 stroke networks in Toronto: the North & East GTA Stroke Network (NEGTASN)the Toronto West Stroke Network (TWSN), and the South East Toronto Stroke Network (SETSN).

Together, we represent a broad scope of healthcare organizations and service agencies within Toronto that provide care for persons with stroke and their families/caregivers, including:

  • 17 acute and rehab hospitals
  • 90 long term care facilities
  • >100 community agencies of professional and social service providers
  • Primary care providers
  • Toronto Emergency Medical Services and Base Hospital
  • Secondary stroke prevention and health promotion providers

Servicing more than 3 million residents within the Toronto area, the TSNs span 3 Local Health Integration Networks (Toronto Central, Central, Central East). Approximately 20% of all stroke emergency room visits and acute admissions in Ontario are cared for within this geography.

We advise and provide leadership to the stroke system of care in Toronto.


Collectively, we strive to:

1) Reduce the incidence of stroke and improve patient outcomes;

2) Integrate stroke best practices in the areas of prevention, emergency and acute care management, rehabilitation and community re-engagement following stroke;

3) Strengthen the system of stroke care so that patients experience a more seamless and efficient system with access to stroke best practice care, information, and resources throughout their recovery; and

4) Inform research efforts and support the translation of knowledge into clinical care.

Within Toronto, we service a diverse community of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  As cultural diversity influences an individual’s risk factors for stroke, as well as their overall care and management, we recognize the importance of specialized programs and services to meet the needs of these communities.

As part of the TSNs, the Toronto Stroke Networks Steering Committee (TSNSC) was established to provide strategic governance, stewardship, and decision making for the stroke system in Toronto.  TSNSC membership includes the Stroke Executive Committee of the NEGTASN and the TWSN (Chair, Executive Administrative Lead, Medical Director and Regional Director).

Each regional network has a Regional Stroke Centre that provides specialized emergency medical management of stroke/TIA and inpatient acute stoke care on designated stroke units. Each centre also provides urgent and non-urgent secondary prevention services and follow-up.


North & East GTA Stroke Network

Within the North & East GTA Stroke Network (NEGTASN), the Regional Stroke Centre is Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SHSC) …

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South East Toronto Stroke Network

Within the South East Toronto Stroke Network (SETSN), the Regional Stroke Centre is located at St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH), Unity Health Toronto.  The SETSN and

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Toronto West Stroke Network

Within the Toronto West Stroke Network (TWSN), the Regional Stroke Centre is located at Toronto Western Hospital (TWH), University Health Network …

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Toronto Stroke Networks Steering Committee

The Toronto Stroke Networks Steering Committee (TSNSC) provides strategic stewardship, governance, and decision making for regional resource allocation …

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Stroke Care in Ontario

The former organizations Cardiac Care Network and Ontario Stroke Network have merged to become CorHealth Ontario as of June 22nd 2017.  

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Local Health Integration Networks

Since March 2006, 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) have been created by the Ontario Government to plan, integrate and fund local health services …

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Signs of a Stroke

If you experience any of the following signs dial 911 immediately.Read More