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Education Resources


Web-Based Resource for Persons with Stroke and Caregivers

With the successful dissemination of 1000 copies of My Guide for Stroke Recovery since December 2015, the Toronto Stroke Networks responded to requests from persons with stroke and healthcare providers to adapt this resource to a web-based format. We are pleased to launch this mobile-friendly website It allows persons with stroke and family/caregivers to easily navigate information about common post-stroke topics and find practical strategies, video demonstrations and actionable solutions to common questions or concerns after stroke.  The layout and content of the website were designed to empower a self-management approach and facilitate community re-engagement.   The web design was grounded on global accessibility standards, incorporating elements of health literacy, adult learning principles, and contrast visibility.  Twenty-three persons with stroke reviewed the website to validate that it is comprehensive, user-friendly and useful.  For a general overview of this resource, click on the following link to access the Communiqué:  Web-based version of My Guide for Stroke Recovery.  We invite you to refer to the Stroke Recovery Guide Website Frequently Asked Questions to answer questions you may have.


My Guide for Stroke Recovery 

This resource is an enhanced version of My Stroke Passport and can be accessed by clicking here.  A number of worksheets are available in My Guide for Stroke Recovery to assist persons with stroke to track their progress. Click on the any of the following headings below to get extra copies.

For a general overview of this resource, refer to the videos below or click on the following link to access the Communiqué: My Guide for Stroke Recovery. The video on the left provides an overview of the resource while the other is an example of how healthcare providers can introduce My Guide for Stroke Recovery to patients and families.

Below are resources that can help with the implementation and use of My Guide for Stroke Recovery.


Health Promotion




Acute Care

Dysphagia Resources:



Rehabilitation and Recovery


Community and Long Term Care

Signs of a Stroke

If you experience any of the following signs dial 911 immediately.Read More